Decorative wrought iron floor lamp – Alien, No.1098


Wrought iron floor lamp with an iron lampshade, height about 130 cm. HANDMADE by Hephaestus Iron Crafts, Hefest z.z. Croatia – EU.

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Stylized iron floor lamp “Alien”, made entirely of iron including a perforated light bulb lampshade, height about 125 cm. HANDMADE by Hephaestus Iron Crafts / Hefest z.z. Croatia – EU.

The whole lamp is made of iron with traditional techniques and hand tools. Really handmade product of high quality made for long-term use.

For those who like unusual things, this iron lamp could certainly be just the right thing. Fits very nice to any living room, as well as for business use for a hotel or pension rooms, a restaurants or other business premises. It’s great decorative addition to other furniture in the room.

FINISH: silver metallic base with clear glossy varnish.
DIMENSIONS: Assembled lamp is about 125 cm height.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 130 × 50 × 30 cm


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